Have you experienced jamming, non-functional locks, or stuck windows and doors? They may not seem like a huge issue right now, but have you considered getting your foundation checked? These issues could be signs of a settled foundation.

Some other signs of settled foundation are diagonal cracks at the top of corners in windows or door frames and uneven floors. These signs can lead to larger issues within the foundation itself.

There is never one way a foundation can settle due to the variation of soil characteristics. While many positions of the foundation can remain or seem normal the signs of uneven settlement can sometimes only be seen in sections of the foundation as either a  crack or shift.

Soil settlement can cause the foundation to crack as the wood frame that is supported above can most likely bend or twist. Soil settlement can cause doors, floors, and windows to dip or sink. Therefore the drywall attached to the wood frame is not as flexible as one would think. It will most likely crack, especially in the corners of doors and windows.


TIP *Houses with brick exterior and a settled foundation most likely will have cracks in the upper masonry surfaces due to the lack of flexibility.*


Where settling foundation coils is an issue for a household, Vesta Foundation Solutions can be able to help solve this issue. We can help by providing our potential clients with a free inspection, so we can determine the problem within the foundation. If an issue with a settled foundation is detected within the perimeter of the home, we could discuss the next steps to help solve the issue. One might be given the suggestion to install push piers or helical piers. These can help raise the foundation to help close cracks within the walls. But also regain functional doors, locks, and windows.

If you have any concerns about your foundation or are unsure if your foundation has settled give us a call today. Make an appointment to have a Vesta Foundations Solutions near you come out for a free inspection TODAY.


Even if it is just a small crack, it is best to find the source of the problem at the beginning rather than later.