Our team wants to provide a permanent, non-invasive option for homeowners who might be hesitant to have a concrete repair done to their home.

A homeowner may experience a sinking driveway or unsafe concrete structure. Here at Vesta Foundation Solutions, our team wants to make sure homeowners can feel as if they can lift and stabilize their concrete without any worries or hesitation. Our PolyLevel System can provide a quick, clean, and permanent solution. They may start to experience gaps in their concrete as their home begins to age. These gaps can tend to be caused by water washing under the concrete making its way towards the soil. When the water is washed under the concrete, it causes the soil to sink and settle. Polyurethane can lift and level a slab that has experienced sinking and settlement within the soil.

How does Polyurethane repair concrete? 

One may ask how Polyurethane can help repair sinking concrete? Polyurethane, aka PolyLevel, is a foam that is high density, lightweight, and non-invasive. PolyLevel can typically lift heavy objects between 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. per square foot. It can lift cumbersome structures.

A few easy steps:

  1. First, drill small pea-sized holes into sinking/unstable concrete in the areas they are most needed. 
  2. Use specialized equipment to insert PolyLevel foam. 
  3. Help fill voids with material that will match the concrete and allow 15 mins for material to set. 


Concrete Repair

This image shows how our PolyLevel System is injected into the concrete to help lift and stabilize what was once damaged.


That it! Yep, that’s it!
Just like that, your concrete can be lifted and leveled in minutes!

Some homeowners have been avoiding or hesitant to repair their concrete. Due to high service costs, days of loud noises from heavy machinery, and equipment blocking their driveway. PolyLevel is known as the new Mud jacking. Mud jacking can take up numerous amounts of time but can also be very expensive. Not to mention that mud jacking can also be a messy process for the crew and the homeowner. PolyLevel foam can repair a homeowner’s concrete within minutes and not leave such a mess behind.


Concrete Repair Before and After

This image is of a home in Oklahoma City that needed to lift its garage floor. Here are the results!


Additional Benefits of PolyeLevel Foam:

Lifts Concrete 

Little interruption for homeowners 

Compresses underlying soil during installation 

Waterproof and super long-lasting 

Easy cleanup 

Lightweight and non-invasive

Environmentally Friendly 

No patchwork or discoloration 


If you have been experiencing sunken concrete that may need our services, contact one of our offices to schedule a FREE no-obligation inspection TODAY. We provide residential and commercial leveling services in Oklahoma and Arkansas.



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