Oklahoma City DecoShield™ Concrete Sealer Service

Untreated concrete is porous, and like any other natural material, it soaks up water like a sponge. Unfortunately, it also soaks up oil and gasoline, which leave dark, ugly stains. And your concrete patio? Those might be dark stains from the person who spilled their wine. But the ability of concrete to soak up liquids goes beyond aesthetic issues. We take pride at Vesta Foundation Solutions, here in Oklahoma City. We have the best concrete sealer services for floors in the industry. Bad things can happen to your patio or driveway, especially if you live where the winter temperatures can drop below zero, any water collected in the pores and cracks of your concrete is subject to expansion and contraction during freeze-thaw cycles. Eventually, that cycle will damage your concrete. The answer to your problems is just a mouse-click away.

Vesta Foundation Solutions here in Oklahoma City have perfected our concrete sealer services for floors and other concrete surfaces. We aim to be the number-one local expert in concrete repair services, with solutions for all of your concrete repair and sealing needs in Oklahoma City. We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 2006, and over the years, we’ve developed an industry network that allows us to provide products of the finest quality, with warranties that fully protect your investment.

You can protect your home and ensure its curb appeal with DecoShield™, a tinted, translucent concrete sealer that protects your concrete from moisture. It works like a coat of armor to keep your concrete from chipping, flaking, cracking, and pitting which is our specialty here in Oklahoma City. Our concrete sealer services for floors, driveways, and patios are extremely effective, call now to get help today. 

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DecoShield™ Provides These Advantages:

  • It is environmentally friendly and won’t degrade from UV exposure.
  • The tints come in four appealing colors and help to minimize the effect of mismatched concrete sections, and also protect against further discoloration.
  • Keeps the concrete from collecting moisture, which prevents mildew growth and reduces the susceptibility of your concrete to the effects of freezing and thawing.
  • Protects against chemicals and stains.

Unsightly cracks and stains in your concrete detract from the visual appeal of your home. Our Oklahoma City crew’s top tier concrete sealer services for driveways and patios are second to none in the industry. Reach out to Vesta Foundation Solutions now to schedule your free estimate for concrete and driveway sealing services in Oklahoma City. We’re ready to help protect your biggest investment!