Vesta's Village

Vesta’s Village

The Vesta team works diligently to assist homeowners and help them regain peace of mind about the foundation of their homes. From the first moment we meet our customer we walk with them through the journey to a better quality of life.  Our team has worked hard to push the boundaries and create a program…

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Terra Richmond

Rodeo Queen Contestant – Eufaula Whole Hawg Days

The Vesta team was happy to support Terra Richmond, a Eufaula Round-up Club Rodeo Queen Contestant in this years Whole Hawg Day rodeo. Terra is 16 years old. she was born in Ruidoso New Mexico where her love for horses first began. She learned to ride at a very young age and it has been…

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Crack in Brick

Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Problems

You bought a home for your family, you decorated and organized it how you like, and you live your day to day life there. You may or may not have ever taken the time to check the structural well being of your home until… BAM you have a huge crack in your wall. Many people…

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Flood Damage

Destructive Storms and Flooding

Our Heart goes out to those that have been affected by the highly destructive storms and flooding. Unfortunately when natural disasters strike they leave behind a mess for communities. Home and business owners must take care of the damage and are often left with stress and the frustration of what to do next.  Vesta Foundation…

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Clean Space

Is Your Crawl Space Outdated?

Many homes in Oklahoma have a crawl space foundation. Crawl space foundations are almost always equipt with a ventilation system. A vent is an opening in the wall that allows air to flow through the entire area. When crawl spaces were first created the ventilation system was thought to keep the flooring system from mold…

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Sinking Driveway

Why Does Concrete Fail?

Concrete failure can be a very frustrating occurrence. As soil shifts and settles, concrete slabs become susceptible to cracking and sinking. You might at first notice some slight cracks and then the breaking and sinking of an area in the concrete. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios seem to be a main concern of homeowners. Concrete failure…

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Concrete surface after

Revamp Your Outdoor Living Area

The weather is warming up in Oklahoma and many homeowners are preparing for family cookouts and backyard get-togethers. As the summer season begins people turn their attention towards the outdoors. Investing in your outdoor living space adds value to your home and creates a fun, enjoyable space for your family. Whether you are adding in…

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Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month

It is allergy season in Oklahoma, and you are probably wondering what you can do to cut down on the harsh symptoms that come along. Many Oklahomans might not know that dust mites are the number one indoor allergen. Dust mites are so tiny that you never see them, but they are living in tiny…

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Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter Flooding

Oklahoma is known for flooding and sporadic weather. As April comes to an end you might be dealing with unwanted water in places like your storm Shelter. Even the smallest leak could lead to a big problem for you and your home.  As the rainwater flows into the loose soil around your Shelter it begins…

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Submerged basement in Oklahoma

Storm Season Leading to Wet Basement

Storm season has officially arrived in Oklahoma, bringing in heavy and continuous rainfall. With the rain comes the much dreaded wet and leaking basement. Even with the best construction your home is susceptible to these occurrences, especially over time as the soil around your home has settled and your old footing drain has clogged.  Many…

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Stained and pitted concrete surface

Options for repair for resurfacing concrete

With spring around the corner many customers have been asking about ways to add curb appeal or spruce up their home. Decorating Patio’s and installing pergolas have become some great ways to make your back yard a hideaway during the summer months. If resurfacing your concrete something you are considering, then there are several options…

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What causes Concrete Surface Problems - Image 1

What causes Concrete Surface Problems

Many homeowners in Oklahoma City have recently been asking about problems with their concrete surfaces.  They ask whether the symptoms justify removing and replacing the concrete or in fact, just needs to be resurfaced.  First, it is best to identify what type of problems you are having before engaging in any sort of repair.  Pitting…

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