Damp Crawl Space/Sagging Floors in Oklahoma City, OK

These Oklahoma City, OK homeowners have a lovely home. They wanted to make sure their home had all the necessary needs to make it last a lifetime. 

The homeowners were having issues with drafts in the home and some sagging floors. After seeing advertisements everywhere for Vesta Foundation Solutions, they decided to reach out to the Vesta team. The Vesta team went out and did a free, no obligation inspection and the homeowners were eager to get the issues fixed.

The Vesta team came out and installed our CleanSpace and SilverGlo products in the crawl space. These two products combined, insulate the walls and floors, which is a huge money saver and solved the drafts they were having throughout the home. The Vesta team also installed SmartJack. SmartJack is an adjustable piering system, which fixed the issues of the sagging floors. SmartJack is adjustable and can be used over time.

They were more than happy with the work and improvements Vesta Foundation Solutions made to their home!