Concrete Repair in Richardson, TX

BEFOREUnleveled Concrete
AFTERLeveled Concrete

Our team was able to help this homeowner in Richardson, TX, by installing Polylevel to help lift and level concrete as well as NexusPro used to seal all the control joints and cracks in the concrete to help prevent water from entering through cracks and crevices.

NexusPro Installation in Grand Prairie, TX

AFTERHow to cover up the cracks

Our team in Dallas, TX was able to help this customer keep the intergrity of their concrete by installing NexusPro between the joints of their driveway!The customer was very pleased!

Concrete Lift and Level

BEFOREConcrete Settlement
AFTERConcrete Raising Near Dallas

Our team helped raise this homeowners' concrete to eliminate a significant tripping hazard on their sidewalk. 

Products Used: PolyLevel Injection Foam and NexusPro. 

We were able to help lift and level this homeowner's concrete back to its original position and seal all its joints and cracks to help prevent further sinking. They were very pleased with the results.

Sidewalk Lift and Level in Rockwall,TX

BEFOREUn level concrete, Rockwall, Texas
AFTERLeveled concrete solution near Dallas,TX

Our team was able to help this homeowner in Rockwall, TX lift and level their sidewalk with our state of the art PolyLevel injection foam. The homeowners sidewalk had seem to be sinking due to drainge issues.

Concrete Lift and Level in Rockwall, Texas

BEFOREConcrete concern near Dallas, TX
AFTERLevel Concrete, Rockwall, Texas

Homeowners in Rockwall, Texas, were experiencing some sinking in their concrete, which later became a tripping hazard for their family, friends, and the community. Our team was able to help this homeowner by lifting their sidewalk back to safety!

Concrete Lift and Level in Edmond, OK


Concrete Lift and Level in Norman, OK


Our team was able to lift and level this driveway in Norman, OK.


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When it comes to the long-lasting stability of your home, it is crucial to have an experienced professional to call. Vesta is a company that understands the best practices that will help restore and protect your home's structural integrity. We provide free, no-obligation estimates in crawl space repair, foundation repair, concrete lift and leveling, and basement waterproofing.

Patio Separating and Cracking – Springdale, Arkansas


The customer was concerned with their patio that was separating from the house and cracking. Our teams were able to lift the concrete slab back into place using Poly Level Foam injection. Afterward, our team sealed the existing crack in the slab and the space between the house & patio using Nexus Pro.