Cathrine Morrison

System Diagnosis and Design Specialist


Cathrine has spent the last decade in home improvement. She has done everything from painting, roofing, flooring, and foundation and concrete repair. Most of this time was spent in Seattle, Washington working on 100-year-old homes.

Cathrine is an EPA certified renovator for over 6 years.  She knows how to safely handle old homes with lead paint.

Cathrine likes that her workday allows her to meet new people, inspect issues with homes, and help customers permanently solve their issues, putting them at ease. She also likes that her position here at Vesta allows her to travel. She likes being "Out and about". She enjoys seeing many parts of Oklahoma and visiting great communities.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her husband and their two sons. They also have a family dog, Charlie! She also enjoys playing music, going to concerts, trying new restaurants, and doing yard work at home.

In her words, "Expect nothing and appreciate everything".