How to Insulate a Crawl Space: The TerraBlock™ Crawl Space Floor Insulation System Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

A superior solution for sealing and insulating your home's crawl space

Are high energy bills and moisture in your crawl space a concern? This can be due to a lack of insulation on your crawl space floor. Terra Block floor insulation was created specifically for crawl space floors and is a heavy duty, long-term solution.

TerraBlock includes a white vapor barrier that ensures moisture won’t creep up through your concrete, stone, or dirt crawl space floors. It can be installed on uneven floors, so it provides a comprehensive solution to crawl space moisture and high energy bills regardless of your crawl space floor material.

The experts at the Vesta Foundation Solutions are fully trained and certified to provide the options you need to control moisture and save energy via your crawl space floor insulation. Call us for your free inspection in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and surrounding areas.

Terra Block example added to flooring

TerraBlock™ works with the rest of your waterproofing system

Is water seepage an issue in your crawl space? Along with perimeter drainage pipes and matting, Terra Block can be used to direct water toward your sump pump system.

Tough enough for homeowner and service worker traffic, you won’t need to worry about the insulation or vapor barrier being damaged. An additional crawl space liner may be added on top to increase sturdiness.

Insulate & seal your crawl space

Vented crawl spaces can cause all sorts of problems in your home. Whether it’s from cold or high utility bills, you may be forced to make repairs to your home that would otherwise be unnecessary.


TerraBlock is padded and puncture-resistant, making its the perfect seal for your crawl space. It will also keep your water heater, hot water pipes, furnace, and heating ducts from having to work harder in a cold and damp environment. In addition, it protects the wood in your crawl space from moisture, preventing mold.


But TerraBlock is only one part of our comprehensive crawl space repair system. When you combine it with our other crawl space products including CleanSpace vapor barrier and SilverGlo wall insulation, your crawl space will remain dry and insulated. Our waterproofing products, including CleanSpace drainage matting, the SmartPipe drainage system, and the SmartSump sump pump can help us permanently waterproof your crawl space, and work with TerraBlock to give you the clean ad dry crawl space you need.

Technical Features

  • 3/4" Foam Insulation
  • Puncture-Resistant Design
  • Includes a Vapor Barrier for Moisture Protection
  • Compatible with Our Complete Line Of Crawl Space Insulation & Waterproofing Products

Get started on crawl space insulation today

The Vesta Foundation Solutions team are the experts in crawl space solutions, and can completely encase your crawl space so it will remain warm, dry, and clean. You might not mind crawling in to see for yourself!


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