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Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

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Driveway leveling in Stillwater

The Vesta Foundation Solutions team helped this homeowner get their home ready to sell by fixing these unsightly trip hazards. 

Shawnee, OK PolyLevel Repairs Cracked Wall

The Vesta Foundation Solutions Team used PolyLevel injection to repair a large crack in a home. It was a great success!

Front Steps Lifted in Arcadia, OK

This brand new home, in Arcadia, OK was already settling after quick rain storms settled the fill around the foundation. The Vesta Foundation Solutions team lifted this in one part in about 2 hours. 

Uneven Concrete in Choctaw, OK

When you have a home next to a swimming pool debris and water naturally sets between the slab sections. This ongoing water causes the underlying soil to settle and sink.  Then the area of your home that most people would assume would be most enjoyable during the summer months becomes a trip hazard area for your family. If you are experiencing this; it can easily be fixed using the Nexus Pro and PoyLevel system!

Sidewalk Lifted in Guthrie, OK

If you have been tolerating that little toe-catcher when you are unloading your groceries or trying to get into your home during a rain storm; you are like many of the customers that we help every day. This customer had the VESTA team lift their sidewalk nearly 4 inches!  This was less than 40% the cost of replacing the concrete and now they have a great warranty on this now safe access to their home!

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