The Challenge

We recently enjoyed working with a homeowner in Branch, AR, whose driveway had become a daily nuisance. Imagine starting every day by hitting a bump before leaving your driveway. Our customers faced this unsettling routine and decided it was time for a change. Upon contacting us at Vesta Foundation Solutions, our team sprang into action to give them the smooth send-off they deserved each morning.

Our process started with a thorough inspection of the driveway. Our System Design Specialist from the Sales Team listened attentively to the homeowner’s concerns and carefully examined the uneven concrete. Evidently, the driveway needed leveling for the homeowner's comfort and to prevent further damage. Our recommendation? Implement our PolyLevel and NexusPro solutions. PolyLevel, a state-of-the-art foam injection, was selected to raise the settled slabs back to their original level, while NexusPro was used to seal joints and cracks, protecting the driveway from future wear and tear.

The Solution

Our approach to solving the homeowner's issues was multi-faceted, focusing on three primary steps:

  1. Inspection and Diagnosis
    • Our System Design Specialist carefully examined the driveway to identify all areas of concern. This comprehensive inspection ensured that no aspect of the problem was overlooked.
  2. PolyLevel Injection
    • PolyLevel was the chosen method to lift and level the sunken concrete slabs. This technique involves injecting a polyurethane foam beneath the concrete. The foam expands and fills any voids caused by soil settlement, raising the slabs to their original position. PolyLevel is non-invasive and quick to cure, taking approximately 15 minutes.
  3. NexusPro Application
    • After leveling the driveway, our team applied NexusPro to seal the joints and cracks. NexusPro is a durable sealant that protects against moisture, preventing future damage and extending the life of the concrete.

The Seamless Process

Our production team, led by an experienced foreman, worked efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to the homeowner's daily routine. They meticulously lifted and leveled the driveway, then applied NexusPro for those lasting fixes. The entire process was completed within a few hours, a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of our methods.

PolyLevel vs. Traditional Methods

When the root of the issue is soil sinkage, we believe the best way to fix uneven concrete is with a polylevel. We prefer the PolyLevel system at Vesta Foundation Solutions because it's noninvasive, affordable, and effective. Plus, the entire process only takes a few hours and doesn't require the hassle of a whole concrete replacement.

The other option that people use for concrete leveling is a process called Mudjacking or Slabjacking. We choose PolyLevel over Mudjacking because it's faster, easier to transport, and waterproof. Slabjacking washes out over time, making it less effective or long-lasting.

The Outcome

The transformation of the driveway was remarkable. The once-obtrusive bump is now a thing of the past, smoothing out the homeowner’s daily start. Seeing the relief and satisfaction on the homeowners' faces reaffirmed why we do what we do at Vesta Foundation Solutions. Providing reliable, long-lasting solutions while ensuring a remarkable customer experience isn't just our mission; it's our guarantee.

Why is PolyLevel Vesta's Preferred Option?

Old concrete leveling methods like total replacements and Mudjacking do not offer the benefits of PolyLevel. PolyLevel is an affordable, waterproof, permanent solution for concrete leveling, unlike the dated or costly alternatives.

  • Cure Time: PolyLevel cures in 15 minutes, whereas Mudjacking can take 24 hours or more.
  • Material Weight: PolyLevel foam weighs 2 lbs per cubic foot, significantly lighter than Mudjacking's 100 lbs per cubic foot.
  • Hole Size: PolyLevel requires only 5/8" (the size of a penny) holes, compared to Mudjacking's 1" (the size of a quarter).
  • Waterproof: PolyLevel is waterproof, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Our Solution for Homeowners

We take pride in our modern and cost-effective methods at Vesta Foundation Solutions. It's our mission to give homeowners the safe, beautiful home they want at the most affordable price available without compromising quality. Whether it's your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or steps, our PolyLevel system can provide a lasting solution. Contact our Oklahoma City concrete leveling team today to book your free inspection!