The Homeowner's Challenge

In Midwest City, OK, a homeowner faced a big problem: an uneven sidewalk near their back gate leading to the pool area. This sunken concrete was not just ugly, but also a tripping hazard for family and guests. The homeowner tried different DIY solutions unsuccessfully and was looking for a permanent and effective fix. The journey to a safer walkway began with a call to our friendly Customer Care team at Vesta Foundation Solutions, who immediately scheduled a home inspection.

Identifying the Root Cause

Our experienced System Design Specialist visited the home to check out the problem. They found that the uneven sidewalk was caused by soil settling beneath, causing the concrete to sink. This made the walkway unsafe and unattractive. Knowing the homeowner needed a quick, reliable, and long-lasting fix, we suggested our PolyLevel® injection method.

The PolyLevel® Solution

PolyLevel® is a high-density polyurethane foam injected into the soil under a sunken concrete slab through a small hole. This liquid foam fills gaps in the soil, expands, and hardens to lift the sunken slab back into place. PolyLevel® offers several advantages:

  1. Durable and Lightweight: Unlike mudjacking, PolyLevel® is lightweight and doesn’t add extra weight to the soil, preventing future settling. It's strong enough to offer a permanent fix.

  2. Quick Cure Time & Waterproof: PolyLevel® cures fast, letting you use the concrete slab in 15 minutes. It's waterproof, stopping future soil washout and ensuring it lasts.

  3. Non-Invasive Installation: The process requires drilling only a small hole into the concrete. This hole is easily filled back with concrete, leaving no visible disruption.

Execution and Immediate Results

Our skilled team got to work once the homeowner agreed to the PolyLevel® solution. The procedure was quick and minimally invasive. They injected the foam, carefully monitored its expansion to lift the slabs back to their original level, and ensured everything was perfectly aligned.

The results were immediate and impressive. The sidewalk was leveled, restoring safety and attractiveness to the walkway near the pool. The homeowner was pleased with how clean and quick the process was. The walkway was fixed in just a few hours, and peace of mind was restored.

Lasting Outcomes and Customer Satisfaction

The homeowner was thrilled with the results and appreciated the durability and efficiency of the PolyLevel® solution. The sunken concrete was lifted and stabilized, creating a safe and stable walkway to the pool. This not only made the property safer but also improved its overall appearance and value by choosing PolyLevel®, the homeowner invested in a permanent solution that prevents future sinking, ensuring long-term satisfaction.


At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we are dedicated to providing expert concrete repair services that homeowners can trust. Our PolyLevel® solution shows our commitment to excellence, offering a reliable, efficient, and permanent fix for sunken concrete problems. Whether lifting and leveling sidewalks, patios, or driveways or strengthening and stabilizing loose soil, PolyLevel® is the ultimate solution for concrete lift and level needs.